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Tell Elon Musk:
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Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur and technology industry leader. But even Elon Musk can be wrong. And he is very wrong on Donald Trump. Elon Musk has become one of Trump’s most prominent supporters, despite the fact that Trump’s policies directly contradict Musk’s core values, core values shared by Tesla customers and employees. Help us convince Elon to do the right thing. Help us convince him to resign from Donald Trump’s business councils. Help us convince him to take the Hat Tweet Challenge and become a leader of the opposition to Donald Trump’s climate change policies. If he does we’ll donate $1 million to charity.

While you’re here, check out some of the donations Musk’s companies have made to the worst climate change deniers in Congress, including James Inhofe, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell, and consider whether Elon Musk’s success can possibly justify enabling both Donald Trump and James Inhofe.

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A Tesla Owner Speaks Out

More owners and buyers and shareholders speak out

"I won a Tesla and love that we are reducing our carbon footprint especially since Trump is anti environment"
Patrick Calabrese
"As someone who was considering purchasing a Tesla auto, I am deeply disappointed that you would serve under a misguided man like Trump. For a company guided by a commitment to producing a vehicle to off set the impact of global warming and with progressive policies to work with this president, is both absurd and dangerous inflating Trump ' ballooning ego."
Wayne Klein
"I feel the current administration's policies and proposals are reckless and significantly favor a select group of the population. As a Tesla owner and brand supporter, I encourage the company to support other causes that benefit a broader group of Americans. I also have concerns with the current administration's rhetoric toward minorities. Respectfully, David Joyce"
David Joyce
"WTF are you doing? I have been saving to buy a Tesla (almost there), but I will use that money to fight you and Trump instead."
Roger Shaff
"I am a stock holder and do not want this company to have any connection to the fascist Trump"
Jackie Kielkopf
"My next car (in about 2020) was to be a Tesla Model 3. I would NEVER buy a car from a pathological liar like President Trump. Why should I buy a car from one of Trump's running buddy's? You need to get as far away from Trump as you can. He is ruining your reputation, destroying your credibility, and sullying your integrity. Tesla would be ashamed of you for hooking your automobiles and your future to a con man and a fraud."
Terry Adcock
"I want to buy a Tesla and can't do it with a clean conscience. Currently, this is not an option and I have to look for other electric cars."
Volovich Alla
"I'm a Tesla stockholder. It's clear that Donald Trump is corrupt and incompetent. A disaster for our country. Please do not support him in any way."
Joya Cory
"im a tesla customer. I'm concerned about mr musks failure to speak out against trumps awful climate change policies."
Brendhan Springe
"I won't buy one of those cars otherwise."
Martin Brancato, Jr.
"I support your vision and am on your waitlist. But, everything Trump stands for is counter to the values you exude."
Laura MacArthur
"I actually wanted to buy a Tesla until I learned of your support of Donald Trump. I don't understand how such an extremely intelligent individual such as yourself would fall for the bs that comes out of this con artist's mouth. He is the worst thing that has happened to this country and to the natural environment in recent times. Ew!"
Claire Barnett
"I am financially invested in Tesla. Please don't corrupt the brand."
Amanda George
"rethinking his solar company! come on!"
Colleen Byrne
"I was getting ready to buy a Tesla. Now, that's off the table until you publicly dump Trump."
Scott Williams
"As a Tesla owner, I support innovation and the environment. I know it's not so simple, but ultimately I feel that you cannot be a part of this administration."
Jennifer Cronin
"I am a new owner of the Tesla S 75. Elon listens and thinks, Trumpf lacks either taking us into danger"
Galen Hasler
"As a shareholder I am disappointed and dismayed that you would affiliate yourself with someone as disastrous as him! Dump the Grand Cheeto!!!"
Carrie Dulisse
"As a Tesla stockholder I am shocked that he supports the dumbest most ill informed President in the history of the US. It is truly shocking that he would support this morons gutting of all environmental budgets. Perhaps time to sell my stock. I don't buy stocks in lower companies."
Darren Houser
"I currently have a reservation for a Model 3 Tesla car. I'm seriously considering if I should cancel my reservation if Elon Musk and the Tesla organization continue to work with the Trump administration."
Michael Lipinski
"Because I just had SolarCity install a full solar system on the roof of my house!"
Adam Mentzer
"I love Tesla but will not buy a car unless Elon Musk dumps Trump."
Carmen Villamor
"I am shocked, I had no idea he supported Trump's agenda and to think we were considering a Tesla once they got the battery life issue resolved!!!"
Robin Klein
"As a Tesla owner who is Mexican-American, I have found Trumps rhetoric racist, misogynistic, and highly troublesome. He is hell-bent on destroying the foundations of what makes America Great. We can make America Greater, but it is already Great. Don't support this crazy alt-right president - he will be judged harshly by history and so will those who support him."
Arthur Rangel
"We have been considering buying one or even two Tesla's to replace our current Honda's. But considering the embracing of Climate change denier Trump and his horrible policies we have not bought the cars until there is a sign that the CEO does not support Trump."
Diane & Jerome Balin
"I was a big supporter of Elon Musk until I saw this. Was even considering a big purchase, but now I'm not so sure."
Elizabeth Alyea
"I'm a Tesla shareholder. Dump Trump! Tesla is supposed to be a forward-thinking company!!!"
Jason Folkman
"While I can not afford a Tesla-- I am a Tesla shareholder and will be sure to sell all of my shares. While I understand you want Trump's ear for your federal pet projects you also have his ear on his assertions of climate change denial. Your silence on this matter is deafening."
Diana Bik Boeck
"Trump is an idiot and if Elan keeps supporting him I am going to cancel my Tesla purchase"
Alan Andrews
"I would like to purchase a Tesla, but won't as long as you support the Climate policies of President Trump."
Thomas LaBarr
"I'm planning to buy a Tesla but can't bring myself to support anyone who supports Trump"
Rachel Farrell
"I was considering a new Tesla, but not now that I know this. It's called boycott Tesla!"
Don Shuart
"My husband Hector and I were thinking of leasing the new more affordable Tesla model. Then I saw this shit. I emailed Zach at Tesla sales and told him unless Msuk walks away immediately and denounces Orange Hitler we are't interested. This is hard we really want one."
Eric Pierce
"As a Tesla owner and Tesla stock shareholder I completely share your concerns. Musk should not be associating with Donald Trump."
Mark Sharzer
"I'm a Tesla owner and so is my husband. We are VERY dissaointed that Elon hasn't dumped Trump yet!"
Christopher Meloni
"I am a Tesla shareholder and believe in the optimism and the solutions that this company presents to the world. I respect Mr. Musk's standpoint that by engaging with Trump he prevents isolationism, but he is also a proponent of critical thinking. Thinking critically, the Trump administration is a disgrace and a major step backwards for our country- it is not in Tesla's interests to go down in history as having anything to do with it. Many, many other companies have had the backbone to do what Tesla has not. Please separate yourself from hatred and stupidity!"
Brennan Phillips
"I love the Tesla and hoped to buy one but I can't support someone who does not practice what he preaches. So disappointing. To me, hypocrisy is one of the most disgusting character traits. Icky!"
Jay Trevari
"I just finished putting down $2500 on a new Tesla . I had no idea Musk was a supporter of Trump. I will look elsewhere for a car. I have 7 days to cancel my order."
Linda Martinez
"As a tesla stockholder, I'm appalled! Going to give it a little time to see if words and actions change. If not, I'll dump the stock"
Jill Page
"I bought my first Model S in 2012. I wanted to do my part to end global warming. Now I'm on my third Model S and I love the car. I do not love Elon working with the denier in chief. Elon needs to step up and denounce Trumps policies! Thanks for what you are doing!"
John Kenner
"As an investor in Tesla... Dump Trump"
Patricia Matheny
"I used to look at every Tesla that passes by in Zurich with desire and thinking of how I will soon drive one. Not anymore. After seeing Elon with Trump in conference room within first days of his presidency, I lost interest in all Elons companies and I am shocked that such high executive of company is not properly trainned on ethics. To me it seems as the whole environmental friendliness of his companies is a scam. I am also a former shareholder of Teslamotors shares."
Frantisek Kinces
"I am a Tesla stockholder and Model S owner. I'm sickened by Elon selling out to Trump. That's not what the company stands for or why I invested."
Kevin Gordon
"As a Tesla stock owner, I oppose investing in a company that supports Trump. It is not in line with Musk's energy values"
Barbara Redden
"I cancelled my order for a Model 3 for this very reason!"
Dale Depweg
"Love what Tesla stands for, am shocked that Tesla is supporting trump. Tesla was to be my next car. If Tesla keeps supporting trump and his policies will look elsewhere"
Tom Lelli
"I have a down-payment on a Tesla 3 and I don't want to do business with a company that does business with Trump"
Nathaniel Mudd
"Soooo, glad I did not buy the Tesla I was looking at to buy this or next year. I really liked the car especially environmentally wise, but, cannot purchase nor support this company if he remains on those councils."
Karen Blackwell
"I was on the fence about buying a Model S. Because of this, I will not. A crisp and snappy hand salute to Doug and all signers of this petition."
Charles Lampley II
"Reason for signing: I drive a Tesla"
Alex Munguia
"I'm a shareholder. Wont be for long if you keep supporting this idiot."
Schuyler Kent
"We planned on using your product Mr. Musk but not if you are with Trump"
Ava McLeod
"Trump is NOT a republican, he simply usurped the party for own dark, selfish agenda. While I had hoped to purchase one of your cars, and your solar roof solution, I and EVERYONE I know, most certainly will not be buying anything from you. He is the polar opposite of everything you stand for! What are you thinking?"
Kevin Loiselle
"I am considering a Tesla for my upcoming new car, but I will not act on that impulse if I believe its owner is a Trump supporter, an ignorant science-denier and a reducer of taxes on the rich only."
Susan Getzschman
"DISGUSTING ! I seriously was going to buy the affordable Tesla....not a chance if Musk is a Trump supporter! Makes no sense for Musk to support this clown!"
Kelley Ayers
"I'm signing because I am a Tesla shareholder and do not think the company should associate with a President who appoints climate deniers to key positions."
Elena Solow
"Reason for signing I'm a Tesla Share holder"
Marian Meinen
"I own a Tesla & don't understand why Musk doesn't speak out vs Trump. Trump's policies are inconsistent with Tesla's values but unless Tesla is willing to stand up for those values, I will consider car companies that do when my Tesla comes off lease"
Sherry Ramsay
"We admire what you've done and own your stock. Please distance yourself from Trump. Thank you."
Thomas McCormick
"I'm waiting for a model 3... Trump doesn't believe in climate change, he's anti EPA... What else does Musk NEED?"
Eileen Cavanaugh
"Will dump our tesla and never go back if this is true"
Rod DeOcera
"Now on our second Tesla S. Trump has no appreciation of the craft and foresight it take to produce something excellent like this car."
Lief Carter
"I was going to buy a second Tesla but under the circumstance I will probably change my mind."
Bonnie Brunet
"I have cancelled my reservation today..."
Blair Mandell
"I am a Tesla owner and shareholder concerned with the abuse of the environment"
Mark Sharzer
"I'm a shareholder in Tesla/SolarCity. That Musk thinks there's anything to gain from this lunatic is shocking. I guess if you're a genius, you can still be a fool. Musk, everything you do is in direct opposition to everything Trump stands for. Speak out or risk a huge selloff. Your shareholders care about other things besides money, that's why we invested in you."
Christopher Dean
"My husband and I own Tesla stock and, while we want to support the development of electric vehicles, we do not want to support Trump in any way."
Nora Odendahl
"I am interested in buying a Tesla next year but I have zero interest in funding a con artist."
Christopher Sabionski
"I support Elon Musk, own a Tesla, own Tesla stock, and want to see Elon Musk speak up for values consistent with his companies!"
Jennifer Hu Corriggio
"I'm going to be a Tesla owner.....maybe. I have the 3 on order and I'm thinking of changing back to the Prius"
Jeff Cronen
"I believe in the work Tesla. It is innovative, environmentally sensitive and produces a beautiful car. I am certainly in the target demographic. My husband, in fact, is in the market for a new car and has consciously decided against a Tesla as long as Musk continues his associations with Trump. We will buy a Lexus instead. Elon Musk, dump Trump!"
Karla McAvoy
Lawrence Gorski
"I'm a stockholder and this disgusts me."
John McCory
"I have a deposit in for a Model 3 and don't want to have my money connected to someone who is not actively resisting Trump."
Meredith Klein
"@elondumptrump Use your venture capital $ to make Trump & EPA irrelevant. Invest in clean energy. Cancelling model 3 order to support you."
Caroline Wilson
"I am a Tesla owner and convinced clean energy for all is achievable. Mr. Musk, do not support the regressive position of our current Kleptocracy."
Stephen Follansbee
"Saw new cars at Santa Cruz Science March. Buying a Tesla until I read NYT letter to you to Dump Trump. STAND UP TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS ELON!😡"
Jill Lander
"I fail to understand how someone who advanced electronic technology could possibly support Trump, I am very interested in the new model but will hold off until I see a change."
Richard Whipple
"Dear Elon, My name is Greg Sutherland . I am on the waitlist for a Tesla 3. I believe climate change to be the most important problem facing humanity. The reason I signed up for a Tesla is to participate in the fight against climate change. Donald Trump is a disaster for climate change. His policies will result in massive additional emissions of greenhouse gases. Trump’s climate change policies are contrary to my values, and, I hope, to yours as well. By remaining on Trump’s presidential councils, you are enabling Trump. Please stop. If you do not do so I will reconsider my willingness to buy your car. Sincerely yours, greg"
Greg Sutherland
"Mr. Musk I support and congratulate you on your vision for a cleaner planet; your actions on that front are well documented, as is your silence about D. Trumps views on climate his plan to gut the EPA. I am on the waitlist for the Tesla Model 3 and have been excited about the prospect of a high quality electric car for the masses; unfortunately I will not be able to drive a car that is affiliated with the name of a man who has shown passive support for Donald Trump's policies. Please reconsider your participation on Trump's advisory boards; you are a leader and leaders lead by example, let your example show the American people that you do not support the current administrations disastrous views on climate and climate change. Thank you"
Margaret Deacy
"I was planning on buying a Tesla."
Greg Sutherland
"My husband will be buying a new car next year. The man is serious about making choices in cars and he's been very satisfied with the Lexus Hybrid he's been driving. He's been considering a Tesla and we now have a Tesla dealership in San Antonio, where we currently live. After reading the article in the NYT and considering the enabling role that Mr. Musk has assumed, Tesla has been eliminated from the list and we will encourage others to do the same. I'm seriously doubting Mr. Musk's sincerity in his product development."
Jan and Jim Velayas
"I am a Tesla stock owner and quite disappointed."
David Livingston
"I fear for the planet, I bought my Tesla for this reason and Elon Musk is playing with worse than fire, he is helping to take us off the cliff his cars are supposed to be part of saving us from. Shame on him for funding the climate deniers and those who serve the Corporations who destroy the planet and drive carbon into the atmosphere."
Jodie Evans
"I bought my Tesla to help reduce my carbon footprint. Now Elon is wrecking that."
John Kenner
"I live in the town with the Tesla Factory and I am on the list to get a model 3. What's the point if The EPA is gutted and the regulations go against electric cars and solar power. Elon must DUMP TRUMP"
Liz Drachnik
"I think Musk needs to get clean about his involvement with the Trump Administration, and not support Trump in any way. I am a Tesla shareholder, and Musk's Trump involvement troubles me deeply"
Irwin Flachner
"As someone who is in line to purchase a Tesla 3, Elon's failure to speak up against Trump's policies, and his willingness to collaborate with Trump, mean I will not purchase the Tesla 3 I have put a deposit down on even though I have long wanted to purchase a Tesla. Sadly, I cannot support a company that supports Trump."
Janel Hill
"I was at the Tesla dealer in Toronto just yesterday! I saw the ad in the Sunday NYT and am now withdrawing my intent to purchase the Tesla vehicle I committed to buying. Thank you for sharing info on Elon Musk."
Helen Argiro
"I am a shareholder [who] believes in you and your mission. Trump is using you because he wants to be associated with successful entrepreneurs, but his beliefs and policies will tar you as an anti-environmentalist, and may ultimately crush Tesla. Not what I am looking for as a return on my investment."
Steve Silk
"I'm a Tesla shareholder - we need you to uphold the values your customers share and break all ties with Trump."
Randa Solick
"I'm a shareholder, but not for long, if Elon keeps courting the reactionary egomaniac...known as The President."
Mary Leichliter
"I bought a model S last July. I was shocked that Musk is getting chummy with the denier in chief... Stupid move."
Joel Levine
"Hi Elon, I am on my second S90D. I was considering moving up to the S100D. I have orders in for two 3's. I am now reconsidering my choices. Donald Trump is the most dangerous individual in the world. Your view that you can change him is misguided and short sighted. Please reconsider and join the resistance. Please don't force me to find another means of traveling. Help protect my children their children and their children's children as well as the world."
Philip Kogan
"Dear Mr. Musk, I have been a fan and admirer of yours and your vision for many years. So much so that I ponied up almost $160,000 to buy my Model X. You see, I am an avid environmentalist and a citizen very much concerned with climate change. That is why it puzzles and greatly disappoints me to see that, rather than denouncing Trump's egregious environmental policies, you have chosen to be part of his team. I was looking forward to purchasing a Model S to go with my Model X, but will no longer be doing that. You can't have it both ways, it destroys your credibility."
Veronica McClaskey
"I have been an admirer of you since I have seen your business progress for the betterment of humanity for a long time. But, I am extremely disappointed that you have decided to be a part of Trump's team who has not only shown a total disregard for the environment but has actually directed policies in detriment of all our lives. I hope that you not only recuse yourself from participating in Trump's Advisory Council but join the growing list of people that are trying to resist Trump's very damaging policies. The "Greater Good" will always be there is how you reach it what matters. I assume that you are where you are because of your ethical and moral composition made you attractive to a lot of investors that believe in your cause. Please do not betray that trust. If you choose not to leave Trump's Council, I will choose to opt out of buying a Tesla 3 model. I hope to hear from you soon."
Arturo Velasquez
"Dear Elon, My name is Wendy Noreña. I am on the waitlist for a Tesla Model 3. I believe climate change is one of the most important problems facing humanity. One of the reasons I signed up for a Tesla is to participate in the fight against climate change. Donald Trump is a disaster for climate change. His policies will result in massive additional emissions of greenhouse gases. Trump’s climate change policies are contrary to my values, and, I hope, to yours as well. By remaining on Trump’s presidential councils, you are enabling Trump. Please stop. If you do not do so I will reconsider my willingness to buy your car and will be canceling my reservation before launch."
Wendy Noreña
"I have to decide whether I will purchase my first Tesla( which I am on a waiting list for), or stick with my Prius."
Sharon Torrisi
"I own 16 90d. Thinking about canceling my 3 orders."
Philip Kogan
"I was going to install a Tesla Battery powerwall but now will look at others . Elon dump Trump."
Malcolm Chew
"I am a Solar City customer. Elon, you can't work with Trump or sway him with any kind of reason. He will only act i his own short-term.interest"
Daniel Sola
"I was in the market to purchase a Tesla, but changed my mind due to Mr. Musk being part of the Trump's team. the upside is I saved 100k, the downside is I was looking forward to driving a Tesla."
Mark Arrington
"i'm signing this petition because as a tesla models S owner I'm embarassed to see Elon Musk in so bad company. I cancelled my model X reservation."
Marko Dobroschelski
"I'm a proud Volt owner considering a Tesla. I'm very excited about Tesla's solar roof plans. I'll not buy anything from Tesla is Musk keeps supporting Trump."
Liam Kimbell
"I own Tesla stock and am extremely discouraged by Mr. Musk's involvement with/endorsement of the single most destructive president to EVER darken the doors of the White House!"
Scott Foster
"I cancelled my tesla 3 reservation due to Elon Musk's support and participation as a business advisor to the current administration"
Paul Howard
"Initially, I believed Elon's presence on the tech committee was potentially a good thing. I believed that if he had Trump's ear, he could influence him in a positive direction. That obviously has not happened. Apparently there is no influencing a man who has limited understanding or interest in science or the future of our planet. It's time for Mr. Musk to recognize this fact and stand up for what he believes in. If I don't see a change in his relationship with Trump, I too will cancel my order for the 3 and drop my shares of the company from my portfolio."
Sandy Bushberg
"I'm a tesla stock holder and I feel the exact same way!"
Kimberly Henriques
"I had a deposit on a new Tesla but cancelled purely out of my disgust with Elon's transfixion with the spectacle of Donald Trump. What does this say about Elon as a man, an entrepreneur and a humanist?"
Cynthia Robins
"As an owner of two Tesla, I am disappointed Elon Musk would consider any dealings with the Trump administration and the many initiatives they have started to attack clean energy industries and discredit climate change science."
Esteban Valiente
"I'm a TESLA stockholder and do NOT support Trump."
Lisa Morgan
"Anything or anyone who lends their credibility and clout to legitimize T-Rump will likely just get trumped in return. Neither Al Gore, nor Elon Musk had much/any influence or Scott Pruitt would not be running/ruining the EPA, Rick Perry the Energy Dept. he wanted to abolish, or an Exxon exec running State Department. Wake up and smell the carbon before I have to cancel my order for a Tesla 3!"
Betsy Rosenberg
"My sister was about to buy a Tesla. Not Now!"
Jim Saucedo
"I am a Solar City customer and cannot believe any thing Herr Drumph says. Back away so that we can impeach this idiot sooner!"
Leland Tyler
"While I understand Elon's desire to engage the devil inside the beast of the belly, I think it's a quixotic mission doomed for failure. #DumpTrump now before he becomes even more toxic. I'm also a Model 3 reservation customer and I believe in Tesla's mission to reduce carbon emissions and move to a sustainable energy future."
Todd Bianco
Ronald Demeritt
"I will not buy a Tesla now based on Musk poor taste in Political Associates. Will buy a VOLT"
Gary Vuchinich
"I'm disappointed in Elon MUSK! I cancelled my solar panels because of his "Brown Nosing" of the Orange Orangutan."
Jarrod Jones
"I own a tesla, on the list for model 3 and it's painful to see Musk, a visionary for a cleaner future associate with Trump!"
Jay Vaithilingam
"I won't be buying a Tesla while his support of Trump stands."
Chris Smith
"I was looking into buying a tesla because of their values and caring for environment. Stay true to your values!"
Kathleen Porter
"You are damaging your brand. I have been in love with your cars since the very beginning, and can't wait to buy one! But your decision to associate with this amoral horse's ass casts doubt as to your actual principals, not to mention your judgment. Lie down with dogs- wake up with fleas."
Susan Carney
"My husband and I own some stock in your company and think you are so much better than this."
Kathleen Brooks
"I'm a Tesla stockholder and don't want a company I'm associated with to work with but rather oppose wholeheartedly an administration that is so horrific."
John Cooley
"Hi All my husband and I were interested in leasing the Model 3 until we found out about Musk ties to Trump. We were working with a Tesla sales agent named Zach. Enclosed is the letter I wrote Zach. Please share far and wide if you like. Thanks - Eric Dear Zach, Thank you for your phone call yesterday and for sending me the twitter message stating Mr. Musk’s position on working with Trump. I slept on this and talked about it with my husband. I don’t know if you or Mr. Musk were ever bullied in school or were in a position of authority at a school where children were bullied. I experienced both. When a bully is picking on younger kids, smaller kids, kids who won’t or can’t fight back there is only one way to stop the bully. You either beat the bully up yourself or rally all the kids, not just the ones who have been picked on, to confront the bully. Sitting next to the bully at the school lunch bench and telling him that you did not agree with him beating up a defenseless kid does not change anything. All the bully knows is that if you sit next to him, you are with him. At the close of World War Two during the Nuremberg Trials, many of those men on trial made similar statements that Mr. Musk currently makes in his defense. These members of the Third Reich stated that they often opposed Hitler and voiced their opposition to the carnage. Some were even bold enough to state that they were mitigating forces, that if they did not have Hitler and the Third Reich’s ear, more death and destruction would have occurred. In the end, they were either imprisoned for life or put to death. The panel of judges found that while they may have voiced opposition they took no action to stop the carnage. Evidence and testimony presented in these trials showed that the same people who were “Mitigating forces” profited off the Third Reich along with their families. To simply voice an opposing opinion but to go along anyway, does not change anything and it even causes further damage. Thanks, you for your time and consideration in reading this letter. Please remove my name from the interest list for the Tesla Model 3. Sincerely, Eric A. Pierce"
Eric A. Pierce
"I'm a Tesla owner and I do not approve of this association"
Chris Baldwin
"As a Tesla Owner, I am really disappointed to see Elon seemingly agreeing with many of Trump's policies that seem to be in conflict with what I thought he stood for. I get the business connection, but what about the making the world better??"
Kim Barrows
"I have a tesla and I want Elon Musk to withdraw support from Donald Trump"
Roxana Sohrabi
"As a Tesla owner, I hope you will represent our desires for clean energy and a protected environment!"
Jen Bradford
"We are on our second Tesla. We are trying to help save the planet - we thought you were, too, Elon!"
Carol Stampley
"I have a reservation and deposit in for a Tesla. Will withdraw if Musk doesn't."
Esther Massimini
"Being acutely aware of stresses on the environment caused by the emissions of millions of cars with internal-combustion engines, it has been my intention to procure an all-electric car soon. Until recently, the choices I was willing to consider included Tesla. But if Mr. Musk does not dissociate his company from the environment-destroyer juggernaut that the present US government is turning out to be, I shall not consider buying Tesla products at all."
Abdul-Ahad Khan-Chowdhury
"As a stock holder in Tesla, i will be watching......"
James Iverson
"I reserved a model 3 and I do not support Tesla's ties to trump. He does not stand for what Tesla has represented in the past. If Elon Musk was working with Trump to continue tax incentives for buyers, then Musk should be open about his reasons for working with a President that is trying to hinder clean energy progress. Any other reason to work with the President is unacceptable. I will cancel my reservation if Tesla doesn't Dump Trump."
Cynthia Boune
"I am a Tesla Shareholder. Elon Musk and Tesla Energy should have nothing to do with this administration. Anti-science, antienvironment, anti-American People! Dump Trump!"
Jeffrey Bogan
"I have an order for a model 3. Don't blow your business away dealing with this racist."
Chris Eure
"My husband and I own two Teslas. Don't make us regret owning them!"
Leah Dueffer
"I am signing because I am a Tesla investor."
Jeb Gaither
"We are excited about the Tesla 3 and looking forward to driving ours. However, we are disappointed that you have not spoken out in opposition to Trump's policies, particularly alternative energy."
Susan Marett
"I own a Tesla because I like it a lot but also because it does not add to my carbon footprint. Give up Trump."
Jim Wagner
"I was planning to buy a Tesla but until he withdraws I will not be buying anything."
Justin Broughton
"Trump's and Republican's policies on climate change are disastrous. I planned to purchase a Tesla, but will not if Elon Musk does not publicly oppose Trump's and the Republican's climate policies."
Beverly Martinez
"What a shame, we know so many people who have purchased a Tesla but I am sure will not now!"
Steve, Rachael Alvarez-Jett
"I'm a Tesla shareholder and I really want to support electric cars--but not fascism."
Anne Finger
"I want my next car to be a Tesla...don't make me ashamed of my decision! If you are helping to save the environment/planet with an eco-conscious electric cannot support these cretins who don't even believe the environment is in jeopardy!!!"
Ellen Tannen
"I was ABOUT to buy a Tesla. Not now."
Paulino Sanchez
"He will only screw you as well as us.. We were planning buy a tesla next year..rethinking."
Betty Harris
"I have a great respect for Elon Musk and am waiting patiently for our Tesla to be built. I will be deeply disappointed if he does not distance himself from an administration that is working against progress toward clean energy. My hope is that he speaks out against Trump's disastrous policies."
Lea Thomas
"I am a TSLA stockholder, and emphatically support this request!!"
Kim Clark
"We are early owners of a Model S ... don't let us down!"
Sandra Bonney
"I intend buying 2 of your cars for the future. Make it easy for me by redemonstrating your excellence by differentiating yourself from the master BS artist, DJT."
Vincent Cirasole
"I was considering getting a Tesla...but if you continue to support the tiny-handed, VILE, ORANGE BABOON I will never buy a Tesla or support anything you create! I will fight against SpaceX doing anything!!!! DUMP DRUMPF NOW!!!!"
Daniel Wilkinson
"Ironically, I was going to buy a Tesla mainly because I wanted to reduce my impact on climate change, but since Elon doesn't appear to believe it's a problem, maybe I'll buy that enormous gas guzzling SUV instead."
Mark Marino
"i own a Tesla, and would not have bought it had I known Musk's hypocritical politics."
Celina Gonzales
"So disappointed in Elon Musk..own two Teslas, but not for long"
Laurie Crocker
"I'm a Tesla investor, and I feel moving away from Trump is good for business."
Kevin Roberts
"I'm in the market for a Tesla 3 but I do NOT want a cent of my payment to benefit that woman- and climate-hater. You create brilliant products that are consistent with saving the environement, while Trump systematically tries to dismantle environmental protections. There is no consistency."
Deborah Vinall
"I own Tesla because of their philosophy to curb climate change with innovations in technology. Musk's support of Trump is not consistent with these goals."
Marjorie Laule
"I respect Mr. Musk so much that I bought Tesla stock, but his decision to be associated with Trump really upsets me and makes me question his judgement."
Sally Champe
"I own a Model S and the sole reason I purchased it was to be environmentally responsible. I thought your personal values were dedicated to protecting our environment and your support of Donald Trump and his policies are projecting the opposite of what I thought was true."
Vicki Smith
"As a Tesla shareholder, I am appalled that Mr. Musk gives Trump any legitimacy by continuing his relationship."
Anne Ambler
"Reason for signing I am a Tesla owner!!!!!!"
Vera Cardinale
"I have a reservation for a model 3 because I believe in green energy that Musk says he supports, Trump clearly does not."
Rick Miller
"I was thinking of purchasing a Tesla, but not now. Musk sells solar products. I wouldn't buy one until he speaks out against Trump environmental policies, which are disastrous to our environment."
Vicki Love
"I'm considering a Tesla but not if it's in any way supportive of Trump"
Elizabeth Webb
"We have two model 3's on order, but might have to cancel the reservation if there is a continued relationship with trump!!!"
Ruth Brown
"I want to buy his car, but will not do so with such a political stance against the environment."
Randy Hall
"Im signing this as a TESLA shareholder. I care MORE about the planet and the American people than I do about big business and supporting a president who goes against which all that is humane and what is best for the planet and you should too!!! Trump's policies are inconsistent with Tesla's values or are they? Boot straps up, speak up, do the right thing."
Lisa O'Brien
"I'm a Solar City customer, I drive a Tesla, and I admire a lot of what Elon has accomplished, but I must draw the line at his participation in advisory activities for Donald Trump. The implicit endorsement conveyed by his very presence overrides any mitigating influence he might hope to have on the Trump Administration's disastrous hostile policies regarding sustainable energy, climate change and environmental protection."
David Redell
"I bought a 2014 Tesla out of love for the environment. That love speaks out against collusion with the current occupant of the Oval Office."
William Starosta
"we have two Teslas in our household, i'll have to dump our cars if this doesn't change. I thought Elon Musk stood up for the environment, the new president obviously does not!"
Rasheen Akhtarkhavari
"I plan to buy a tesla in the future. If you don't stand up for climate change and the scientific reality of it I will never buy one of your cars."
Lou Prestia
"Two points of interest- we own one of the first five Model X in Massachusetts and we are fully invested in your vision and your program. Secondly, I was going to resist your joining Trump's advisory months ago but was talked out of resisting. Well now is the time. Please step down from Trump's advisory. You are too good for this and I believe you have a conscience. Please prove me right in my instincts."
Sara Molyneaux
"I have your solar panels. Do the right thing, dump Trump."
Thadine Haner
"You are losing all credibility by hanging out with this wacko !! I own your stock and will not buy more till you come to your senses, also your choice of women has me concerned..."
Layson Fox
"I got a delivery position on a Tesla 3, but might change my mind.............."
Andre Dressler
"Reason for signing: From a Tesla owner."
Terry Errett
"I drive a Model S and have a 3 on order. Please help the folks making a difference not this fool giving lip service."
Dan FitzSimmons
"I own Tesla stock and care about having a livable planet."
Cheryl Smith
"Reason for signing And I own stock too."
James Roberts
"I have Solar City solar panels and an energy hybrid to do my part for climate change. We need Elan to also walk the walk and denounce the denier and his party that is focused only on corporate greed."
Linda Ellis
"Reason for signing I am a Tesla shareholder."
Carl Oerke
"Elon Musk is letting his credibility be used by Donald Trump. I'm suprised he was willing to associate his good name with that of Donald Trump, even if only on an advisory committee. When I discovered that Elon Musk was associated in this way, I decided to refrain from ordering my Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Wall 2 house battery."
Doug Callahan
"I vow not to buy a Tesla until Elon Musk dumps Trump."
Susan Sloan
"Pence would probably be worse for America so he should go first. If Musk supports Trump I won't be purchasing a Tesla."
James Harazin
"I am a Tesla stockholder and I oppose Donald Trump!!!"
Terry Heffernan
"Reason for signing I like Tesla and hold its stock because of its energy position."
Richard Koch
"I happen to own Tesla stock, but will dump it in heartbeat over this, which I'm now just finding out about vis-a-vis what you're doing."
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