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Tesla Waitlisters

Tesla waitlisters can convince Elon Musk to resign from Trump’s business councils.

Here’s what you can do:

Withdraw from the waitlist

The waitlist is one of Tesla’s most important financing vehicles. Withdrawal of even a relatively small number of potential buyers will be noticed at Tesla and will send an unmistakable message. If you do withdraw, please let us know with an email or tweet. and we’ll feature your action right here. We’ll also let Musk, Tesla and the press know. This will have a major impact.

Record a video message to Elon Musk

Use your phone to record a short (one minute or less) video message directly to Musk, explaining why you’re unhappy with his support for Trump, and email the video to us at We’ll put those videos up here and on our YouTube channel and feature the best of them on this website. We’ll also forward them directly to Musk and Tesla.

Send emails and tweets

Let Elon Musk and Tesla know how you feel by sending them an email or a tweet. We have addresses and some example emails and tweets here. Please cc us on emails at and include the hashtag #elondumptrump in all tweets. We’ll feature the most interesting emails and tweets and forward those on to reporters and analysts covering Tesla.