American Cars

Lexus ES – The perfect American Car to buy!

The car has turned into more of a basic necessity instead of a luxury. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a car, and such an increase in the market of cars has pushed car manufacturers to produce better cars at affordable prices. Now there are several Car companies all over the world, and they supply cars to different countries and regions. If…

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American Cars – Powerful reasons to buy them!

Cars have made our lives quite easier and fast-paced. In the past few decades, the number of cars running on the roads all over the world has skyrocketed, and the top reasons for that are the availability of numerous options in the market at different prices and specifications. You will be surprised to know that a massive portion of cars…

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America’s Favorite Brands are Changing

Now that the U.S. auto manufacturing industry has been bailed out and restructured by government intervention, traditional customer allegiances are changing. The Big Three of old, GM, Ford and Chrysler, and their related “sub” marques have evolved into the “Big 2 ½ Plus One” today. Ford Motor Company didn’t take the bailout money and appears solid for now. General Motors…

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