A hybrid car is very much in use today. This is a car that does not run on a single energy source, but on a combination of a fuel engine and a battery. This is unlike the normal cars that run on a single energy source. In these cars, the car does not run with the two energy sources getting merged together; they are alternatively used instead. When cruising, where there is limited use of energy, the hybrid car runs on the energy of the battery. When there is need for additional power, then the fuel engine is used for energy purposes.

Hybrid cars are generally very advantageous and beneficial when compared to normal cars. However, there are some disadvantages or problems that generally stop it from making a large impact on the society. One of the main problems of a hybrid car is its cost. It is estimated that in the long run, its manufacturers will start losing money. So the rate is expected to increase over the years and may cause a pinch on the pocket of the buyer. Some people also claim that the estimated fuel savings that are to be expected in a hybrid car are exaggerated. Another disadvantage that hybrid cars bring along with it is that they tend to accelerate at a slower speed when compared to normal vehicles.

In other words, you can’t attain your expected speed within the same time period in a hybrid car, than you would in cars totally powered by gasoline. It is because of this point that many drivers tend to feel unsafe in a hybrid car, as with this, they cannot keep pace with the normal cars. Though the batteries of the hybrid cars come for a long period, before harboring a need to be replaced, you have to replace them at least on completing 80,000 miles. It depends on your usage and way of running the car. Each battery pack costs about $5,000 to $8,000, which is dependent on the model of the car. This may turn out to be rather expensive on your budget in the long run; moreover if you are a frequent traveler with the car. To facilitate increased speeds, hybrid cars are usually smaller than normal cars and are usually manufactured using lightweight body materials. Though this facilitates increased speeds, this also makes the hybrid car more vulnerable to destruction. In other words, when compared to larger and steel reinforced cars, hybrid cars are most likely to get damaged if and when involved in an accident.

Since hybrid cars are relatively new in production, they are not available in all pats of the country. And where you can find them, their stocks are generally limited. So you may not be able to buy a hybrid car from wherever you live. Don’t think you can avail of deductions from the government when buying a hybrid car, as this is not possible. The government does not offer any deductions, as there is still some gasoline in the combustion process of the car.

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