Chris’s 1971 Dodge Demon is a Primer gray/Green car factory 318 727TF 8 3/4 Car. It comes in a high impact color for 71 along with the sticker package and the rare “A59 Package” known as the Sizzler Package. It is a highly optioned 318 car with all the perks less the actual 340 from the factory.

Drivetrain: 360 c.i. – the 318 just was not enough for me. Hooker Headers Comp Cam Edelbrock Performer RPM MSD Ignition MSD Pro Billit Dist. Speed Demon Carb K&N Alumn Radiator Tranny Cooler

Transmission: 727TF Kevlar bands Transgo Shift Kit HD Bolt in Sprag

Suspension: Front Stock less KYB Shocks Rear: MoPar Super Stock springs 3400pound rated Kyb’s out back as well

Tires: Front-205/70/14 Stock Rallye wheel 5-4 1/2BP Rear-235/60/14 Stock Rallye Wheel 5-4 1/2BP

Rear End: The orignal A body 8 3/4 was put out of cmoission by my 318 by punching the pinion out the back of the housing. Now i have a 8 3/4 out of a 69 RoadRunner outfitted with 3.91’s and a Detroit Truetrac Moser bearings

Brake System Front: SSBC 4 piston Caliper disc brakes(factory 10″ drums up front) Back: 10″ drums nothing to special yet

Top speed in the car has been 130 1/4 Time: No ET yet yet to actually take it to the track

Time in Project: I have had the 1971 Dodge Demon for 6 years now. 2 years of it just sat getting worked on for the drivetrain.

The 1971 Dodge Demon started off as a Father Son Project 6 years ago and was funded by my father, after 2 years of working on it the funding was turned over to me and slowed down big time. My exhuast system this year was converted over to a full mandrel bent system dumping through Flowmaster Super 44’s. I took out the orignal cluster panel and opted for a custom panel from rocky Mountain Dashes and it was my Xmas gift to myself. I ended up putting in Autometer sport Comp guages. I have a kenwood reciever pushing power to Kenwood 6’S up front and Infinity Ref. 6×9’s out back.

I orignally got into muscle cars because of my dad and seeing him build up his Road Runner. At first I was not into it but once I heard that thing crank up for the first time wow! I was hooked.

I have entered my 1971 Dodge Demon into a few car shows under the Project/Builder class and I have taken 2nd place. Many people ask me the same question when are you going to paint it? It’s a simple answer, “Whenever i get to it.” To me it’s not about the paint job right now. It’s like dad says you can have the best paint job out there in the world and you have the best rims but if you can’t drive it what good is it? He is right. So I live by that and have done so for the past 6 years.

I always get offered cash to buy my 1971 Dodge Demon but as I tell people if you got a million bucks I will take it. It’s my 1st car and it has blood sweat and tears into this Machine and most importantly it has the QT with dad wrenching on it that you just can’t buy if you ask me.

Me and my dad have done all the work to this car from swapping an A body rear for a B body rear end to building the exhuast system all in the driveway. I remember a TV show that used to come on TNN(now spike tv) called Shadetree Mechanics well this ain’t no shadetree that’s for damn sure it’s driveway work in the sun, cold, and, yeah I have done it many times, rain.

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