Most of the people get confused in modern and vintage cars. So easy explanation for this is that the cars those who are manufactured before world war 2 which happened in 1945 are considered as vintage cars. On the other side cars which are manufactured between 1945 and 1975 are considered as classic cars.

Now if you are willing to go for a vintage car photography then you must know about some of the basic body structure that will be going to help you a lot. First of all you must learn some body angles too from where your photograph would look stunning. 

As we know vintage cars are good looking but typical to capture in a photograph which is why you should start to learn exterior body parts. The body contours, bonnet/hood, trunk, bumper and much more. You need to learn the part names before beginning the shoot. To hire the best one in the business, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games at

As in today’s time we know that all the modern cars are classified with their different categories like sedan, SUV, hatchback and much more. It was not same case as in the vintage or classic cars as at that time everything was so sorted that there is nothing much you need to focus on.

Some surprising facts

You may be surprise to hear that there are some cars in the past back years whose engine was in the back. So you need to keep this thing in mind while clicking a photograph so that you can come to identify its engine too while having a look on it.

Now clicking vintage cars photos is not an easy task as there are many things on which you need to work on. If you are a beginner and you have not clicked any vintage cars photos yet then you will definitely get to face challenges and difficulties.

Locate them can be difficult

In order to click vintage or classic cars photos it might be challenging to locate them. You cannot find it out there on the street as you need to wait for the rally or any exhibition in your locality. Always keep one thing in mind that there will be other photographers too so you should not argue with them as they have full right as you.

For better shots you should consider bringing DSLR camera with you and if you stay consistent over there then you will get to shoot in golden hours. These are the one in which you will get to shoot after sunrise or couple of hours before sunset. Now shooting right before sunset will only be effective if you are shooting it outdoor.

Selection of cars and angles

Now the last step you need to consider is choosing the car of your choice and after that you need to try different angles. All those angles will be going to work simply fine and after some struggle you will get to find the one best angle that will be going to provide you excellent shots.

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