Director General Sergio Marchionne recently presented for the first time since received an infusion of 12 billion dollars of public funds, the strategy for the next five years, which should lead to recovery Chrysler. Sergio Marchionne is the managing director at Fiat Group, which owns majority shares Chrysler. He said sphere and that analysts were wrong about the impact that it had cost reduction measures implemented by the former owner Chrysler, Investment fund Cerberus Capital Management.


Chrysler estimated that with Fiat management of funds should lead to savings of 2.9 billion dollars in 2010-2014. American manufacturer intends also to invest over 120 million dollars in its distribution network in 2010. Chairman of the Board, Bob Kidder, who represents the interests of U.S. state, has ensured that the group will return the loan of public funds as soon as possible. If you are looking for alternative ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

On the industrial level, the group intends to simplify the range, focusing on tourism Dodge brand and small utility, while Ram trucks will be restricted. In terms Jeep, sales target is 800,000 units by 2014, which is why the brand intends to launch a small 4×4 model, using a Fiat platform. Platforms FIAT will be used to develop new models Chrysler Dodge 2013 and provided for. Next year, the American group would be to use an economic engine developed by Italian shareholder. Chrysler sells most North American market, dropping by 39% since the beginning of the year. Here, in the following, the plan Chrysler Detailed models.

Models that will come out of fabrication:- Jeep Patriot (the end of 2012) Jeep Compass (the end of 2012) Jeep Commander (at the end of 2010, but the possibility of further sales in international markets) Chrysler PT Cruiser (the end of 2010) Dodge Dakota (mid 2011) Dodge Caliber (mid 2012) Dodge Viper (in mid 2011, with the possibility of returning in 2012)

New models that upcoming:- Compact SUV Jeep (2013, Fiat platforms, possibly from Panda) Jeep small CUV (2013, developed by Fiat, will replace the Patriot and Compass) Jeep Liberty (2013, Platform FIAT, name unknown) Chrysler small model (2013, developed by Fiat) Chrysler Compact sedan (2012, developed by Fiat, will replace the PT Cruiser) Chrysler Sebring (2013, Platform FIAT, name unknown) Chrysler CUV environment (2013, developed by Fiat) Ram pickup (considered for 2011) Ram utility and low (2012, developed by Fiat) Dodge small model (2013, developed by Fiat) Dodge compact sedan (2012, developed by Fiat) Dodge Avenger (facelift in 2010, then replaced with a Fiat model in 2013) Dodge CUV Sea (2010) Fiat 500 (the second half of 2010, convertible in 2011 and Abarth 2012)

Models will remain:- Jeep Wrangler Diesel (2010/2011, still unconfirmed for U.S. market) Jeep Grand Cherokee (2010, new generation) Chrysler 300C (2010, new generation) Chrysler Town & Country (facelift in 2010, a new generation in 2014) Ram 1500/2500/3500 (facelift in 2012) Dodge Journey (2010 facelift) Dodge Nitro (facelift considered for 2011) Dodge Challenger (minor revisions 2011) Dodge Charger (2010, new generation) Dodge Grand Caravan (facelift in 2010, a new generation in 2014)

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