2002 Chrysler Neon R/T sedan 4dr manual

Advertisements Chrysler’s Neon has always offered a stylish alternative in the compact-sedan category. Its popularity with young, notably female, buyers suggests that even entry-level shoppers appreciate a good-looking car. The Neon R/T is an attempt to fix at least half of that equation. Like the original Neon R/T, this one is a combination of performance goodies and pointless options. Extra…

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History of Chrysler Logos

The design shown at the top of the page is an adaptation of the original winged logo which Chrysler used on its cars at its inception in 1925. The logo was revived for the Chrysler division in the mid-1990s, and was surrounded by a pair of silver wings after the Daimler-Benz merger in 1998. Advertisements In 1963, the company had…

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Recovery Plan Chrysler

Director General Sergio Marchionne recently presented for the first time since received an infusion of 12 billion dollars of public funds, the strategy for the next five years, which should lead to recovery Chrysler. Sergio Marchionne is the managing director at Fiat Group, which owns majority shares Chrysler. He said sphere and that analysts were wrong about the impact that…

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